Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Welcome to life with a disability

In passing conversation earlier someone mentioned that something vaguely disability related "wasn't fair."  And someone else mentioned something else related to disability (but a different type of thing and a different type of disability.  They thought it would slow you down too much and make things difficult.  I just about managed to refrain from pointing out that it's the disability that makes it difficult not the adaptive tech.  Social model, baby!

Both of those things relate to adaptive technology, living life differently and the sacrifices we as PWD (and sometimes our friends and family) have to make in order to live our lives.  Both of the people who said those things were TAB.  And both of those things made me think about how many years they've known me and how that's just how life with a disability is.  It almost surprised me that they didn't realise that as we have known each other for some time.

Things aren't fair.  Things hurt.  Things take longer, are frustrating and are more difficult.

But that's just life - disability style.


Ricky said...


sarah said...

if they opened up their eyes, they would realise that that's life full-stop. diability/not life's not fair.

Emma said...

@ Sarah: yeah I thought that a while after I wrote that but never got back here to edit it

Drake said...

It might be life...but it still sucks ;D


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