Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman...

I was so fed up and out of sorts yesterday and I didn't really know why or what triggered it.  I just ended up getting into a huge downwards spiral of being sad about all the things that CP means I will never do or that I am unlikely to do.

This morning I awoke to find the red army in town.  And CP isn't an issue today or not such a big one.

I am thankful for evening primrose oil (and to a lesser extent, antidepressants) which make my PMS much, much more manageable than it used to be.

And I am thankful for my CP.  Because there might be a few things CP will mean I won't do but there's a lot I have done that only happened because of CP.


sophinda said...

bloody hormones is wat i say they fuck things up but r essential at the same time-thats wat i call ironic!

spotted elephant said...

I find it extremely comforting when there's a clear reason for the misery. Hormones can cause so much damage, you'd think there would be a little alarm that could go off in our heads that warned us.

Nelba said...

Glad you feel better.

I hope that Loren will also be able to look back at any point during his life and have no (or at least few!)regrets.


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