Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Brandy and coke + frozen margarita + ultimate long island iced tea (its HUGE) + part of a disgusting sex on the beach =====

Want to see something creative I've been working on?  Click Here.

Some of you may have seen a work in progress earlier version of that but thats pretty much the done deal.  I have to do some writing around/about it before its done, done but I thought I'd let everyone take a quick look and then I could get opinions etc.

I've had an absolute skinful of alcohol.... i#m at that nice floaty stage of drunk iyts cool./  i do thbink i'm going to make a consious effort to gibve up gdrinking completely for a wh8ile and see if i can get my healkth back on track.

drinking/being drunk now does remind me about how reubbish i9 feels after a drink.  amd allso how i blog, see all the typos and really couldn't give a rats arse about correctingh them.  heeee drunking blogging is fun.

I have to go to the docs tomorrow thats gonna be fun.  i wasn't worrying aboiut it till i'd had a drink and i'm i am but only that shes gonna want to run lfts to check my baclofen isnt affecting me dbarly and yeah after this much alcohol.... bad iddea, the wirst idea.

i think i bette shut up now... i finsiehd my glass (greeny yeallow plasitic beaker i bought in tescos to use as a vase for flowers as i'm tooo fc heap to buyt a real vase) of water a\nd i'm still somehow making some quick of almost maje sense so shutting up silence please by quiet qould makew a really goood idea.


Utenzi said...

Can you say "elevated liver enzymes", Emma? ;-)

Shi said...

Em, first fabulous with the weightloss. That's great! Secondly, on your med levels, that's pretty neat you can be the judge on the amount.


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