Saturday, 8 July 2006

Em in ONE-derland

First, the swimming numbers from yesterday because I didn't post them and I'll forget if I don't do it now. 18 lengths swimming (450 metres) and 6 lengths swimming (150 metres). My bad hip flared up whilst in the pool so even though I wanted to do more and probably could have I decided that I better not!

206 lb down to 197 lb
or 14 st 10lb to 14 st 1lb.
Click on "weightloss journey" over on the right read to read more but I thought this deserved it's own entry.
9lb gone (since June 10th) which makes me:

Em in One-derland

For I never was this small before, said Alice.

1 comment:

Utenzi said...

*whew* I looked in on your blog yesterday, Emma, and it was ALL PURPLE. It's nice to have this safe haven of white space in the middle. What happened?

Congrats on your progress with your weight and with the swimming!


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