Tuesday, 11 July 2006

All change please, all change

I had an appt with Dr B this morning. She commented that "You've definitely lost weight" so the fact she noticed made me feel good.

I've missed one, possibly two doses of meds in the past 4 weeks (can't remember if i took them on sunday and didn't last night because of being drunk) which she was pretty impressed by. And, as I told her, for the most part I am feeling more stable.

Her recommendations/the plan is: Vitamin P (aka prozac) is doubled to 40mg daily again as that was more theraputic for me before and it was only halved in April because of my noncompliance issues. I am also going to keep working on my diet in an effort to keep my blood sugar stable to prevent mood swings. And also she has suggested I try Evening Primrose Oil to help with my severe pms.

We also discussed my baclofen as my legs have been sore lately and hopefully a baclofen change will sort it as opposed to stronger pain meds. I already had permission to vary my dose minorly as needed +/- 10mgs each day. We have now come to the agreement that I can alter my dose as I want. up to 20 mg X 3 daily maximum to find out what works best. And maybe I will stop my nighttime dose as we also discussed taking it at the right time of day to get the most benefit and taking a higher morning dose and a lower afternoon dose ratehr than three small doses per day was something we discussed.

Permission to do whatever the hell I want with my meds - I have officially arrived as a medically high maintenance person!

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Chana said...

hello i'm back. glad to read you are doing better. having some wiggle room in your meds sounds right to me...i hope you find the right dosage for everything. for me it's always an up and down struggle...but my prozac has been at 30 mg for a while...

hope you many great days...i am overwhelmed right now with all that needs to be done here and the kids are not wanting to let go of me for long. it was very hard on all of us this separation business...

i hope to catch up on your posts as soon as possible and to post myself about the trip.



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