Saturday, 22 October 2011

Readathon Check in

I think I've read about 450 pages.

Welly Walks and Biscuit Baking by Hannah Ensor
The Babysitters Club - Abby's Twin by Ann M Martin (a load of rubbish)
The Summer Before (The Babysitters Club prequel) by Ann M Martin (kinda cute, I wouldn't read it again but I liked it)
Sister Act The Musical Programme. That was interesting. We went to see the musical this evening and it's really different to the film but oh. so. good. I loved it.

I've also listened to about an hour and a quarter of the audiobook of The Remains of The Day which is good and I'm getting really into. I think I'll finish that on Monday most likely. It's about 9 hours long and I have a little less than two hours left.

1 comment:

Trish said...

450 pages is great! And I loved Remains of the Day. I read it but would think it would be a great listen.

Happy readathoning!!


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