Sunday, 14 August 2011

Ask a stupid question...

Get a stupid answer!

For various reasons I went out yesterday without the fugly clown shoe like cast shoes on top of my casts

Fugly cast shoes. The ones I have now are too big for my feet (the ones I had that fit went missing when left at the hospital for the few days I was out of plaster earlier this week) hence the clown shoe description.

I went to the supermarket. I was wearing my red skirt which perfectly matches my red casts. Because clearly, matching your clothes and casts is important (unless I want to wear my favourite skirt which clashes but I love, that is...)

And whilst I was in there a woman I didn't know stopped me and asked what I'd done to need the casts.

I said, nothing, there's nothing wrong with them.

And she made it clear that was a totally unacceptable answer.

I just went "it's a fashion statement"

And she gave me a dirty look. But she didn't get a chance to say anything other than to call bye to my back as I moved away.

I am more than happy to talk to people about being disabled and answer questions. I always have been. But only if they are asked for legitimate reasons.

My life is not public property. Being disabled, using a chair and having my legs in casts don't people the right to ask questions simply to satisfy their own nosy tendencies. But when I refuse to answer, people are put out.

It did feel good to put her in her place and especially to be flippant whilst doing so.

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Amy said...

Great post! That woman had a lot of nerve! Like you said, I'll answer any questions about my disability so long as it's a 'normal' question and related. That woman sounded annoyed about your red casts, as if you were wearing casts to match your skirt & not because you needed the casts and chose for them to be red.

She reminds me of the people who stand a little away from me, whisper and point, "what's wrong with her?" "What do you think happened to her?" Um...hello, I can hear you...if you ask I will tell you, if you stand there. pont at me and whisper, I'm going to tell you it was a shark bite or a skiing accident!

I'm Amt, by the way. I have a blog at and


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