Tuesday, 2 November 2010

For One Week Only

With October having just ended I've now reached six months of no coke and no chocolate! (my first day "free" was 1st May).  And when I weighed in this morning I finally got some decent movement on the scales!

I'm down 4lb (and 1/8th) this week.  Which means I'm now at a new lowest weight of 16st 12lb (and 3/8th). And means that I have now lost 29lb or TWO STONE AND 1LB!  Yes, I have finally broken that pesky 2 stone barrier.  Wooo fucking Hoo.

It's taken me almost two months to be able to switch out the 25lb lost badge in my sidebar to this 2 stone one.  Why have I called this entry For One Week Only?  Because I'm really hoping this 2 stone one will only be up for one week and then I can switch it for the 30lb one!


Angela said...

Hi Emma,

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Please let me know if you are interested in writing for us? It would be related to wheelchair vans initially and we plan to branch out into other disability related areas as our website grows and we build more websites. So I think the workload would be around 20,000 words initially and obviously grow from there.

I really hope we can work together.



Catherine F. said...

Congrats on the results! Fan - bloody - tastic!

I'm your latest follower and looking forward to seeing that 30lb button up!

Chibi said...

Hot damn! Go, you - that's awesome! :D


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