Tuesday, 9 February 2010


For about the past year (I think it's actually 10 months give or take), I've been seeing the nurse every month or six weeks or thereabouts to chat about how things are.  More specifically it's meant to be to discuss my weight but it's proved a useful thing in terms of keeping tabs on my depression and has also allowed me to easily fit in some "Emma maintenance" at the same time.  Flu jab, blood test, swine flu jab etc.  Should probably get my blood pressure checked next time.

Not the last time I went but the time before (October I think, it may have been  just November though) she measured my waist.  Which was 147 cm.  Or to put it in other terms, really fucking huge.

Today she measured it again for me.  And it was 131cm.

She also commented that I've got a definite waist now.  Yay!

I do need to work on my maths skills though.  I said about four times right after that "that's 4 inches" in a shocked voice. Um, no Emma.  No it's not.  it's 6 inches and a bit.

Most best thing about it though?  I text my sister and told her - and she text back that was 1 cm longer than a small ruler.  Wow.  Talk about perspective.


Molly said...

Well done Emma :D

Moll x x

The Goldfish said...

Wow! That really is excellent progress in a very short time - well done!

OhWheely . . said...

Six inches in three months!!

That's two feet in a year (or four small rulers and a Cadburys Creme Egg worth). Must be the Wii workouts. Keep it up :-)


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