Tuesday, 1 December 2009

NaNoDieYe December 2009 Update Post

1.5L of water a day
15 mins of exercise (everyday except Christmas Day)

If the date is in purple it means I hit all goals. Turquoise means I attempted all goals but didn't complete them. Red dates indicate one or more goals failed.

01/12/09 - 15 mins dancing, 1.5L water, meds taken!

02/12/09 - Meds, 15 mins not weights, 1.5L+ of water (1.5L plus half a cup)

03/12/09 - Meds, five minutes standing stretches, 1.5L of water

04/12/09 - Water 1.5L (finishing the last of it now) - done, meds. no exercise :-(

1 comment:

Arabel said...

Great start!

I need to do mine


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