Saturday, 3 October 2009

Reminder Post - Ask me Anything and Save DLA

Don't forget that I'm having an "ask me anything post" later this week. Questions in comments or via e-mail to So far I have a bunch of questions from my sister, two questions from Molly and two from Karen that I'm not sure how to answer! So more questions are needed for this to be a proper question and answer post. LOL.

Also: I know I've been going on and on about this but please if you haven't already, sign the Save DLA petition and pass those details on to all your contacts. Rumour has it DLA may not be under threat any more just AA (DLA for over 65's) but personally I don't think we should trust that and give up because it's now "just AA".

My original entry on the threat to DLA is here and the petition itself is here.

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Diane J Standiford said...

I wish I could sign, but I'm a Yank.I am fascinated by the program you have that helps pay for assistance, for caregivers. The pplace I had to move to is very expensive and eventually my savings will run out. I bought a Long Term Care policy years ago and that is helping, but it too will run out. I am too well for a Federal finded nursing home, too unwell to take care of myself. So, I pay alone. All my life I worked, saved, for THIS. No cars, house, trips, XBox, toys---THIS. Then each April I pay my govt taxes (last year $2000) because they tax my Social Security and pension. My medicines are out the roof. I don't even buy any multiple sclerosis meds anymore. I pay $98/month for Medicare, $18/month for drug coverage and NONE of my drigs are covered. Once I might reach $2700( I must co-pay on everything) I must pay the next $5,000---new Pres Obama said he would close that "donut hole" I call a slim hole, but now he never mentions it. I worked, I could afford gifts for friends and family, a car, a condo, clothes, TV, a cat, now I can't afford to EXIST. My question is: What is your disability community like there? How are you treated by strangers? The USA had to pass the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990 to get company owners to make their places available to us. Do you need protests for changes? How can they let the DLA fail and leave so many without help? (Our people just die or live in boxes on the sidewalks or join "tent cities." I wish I could think of a better question. (Your blog has probably covered all this.) OK, here is one: I have problem sitting up for the many hours I need to write. I have to stop mid-thought so often my writing really suffers and I hate my own work. Advice on overcoming that stop in the story? When I return I do not recognize what I wrote or where I was headed.


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