Saturday, 31 January 2009

101 in 1001 Item 9...

Complete NaBloPoMo

... has been completed!

This is the 38th entry I've posted to this blog this month (of which I think 36 are public).

I have enjoyed pushing myself to post everyday and I do like seeing that every day this month has a link to it on.  But it was also harder than I expected and I wouldn't want to keep it up for too much longer.

And I still think I might shut this blog down.


Arabel said...

I like this blog :(

Karen said...

Well done!

Becky said...

please don't shut your blog,you are a real comfort and an inspiration to me.

Emma said...

@Arabel haha yeah that's why you were all "you should post on LJ so it's easier for me to read it" yesterday


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