Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Belt Plans

I'm thinking about making a belt.  I need one, I'm bored of my current projects and I have loads of remnants to use up.  So it feels like a good idea.

I was thinking stockinette, about six stitches and knit till it will go round me then keep going till I get bored.  Well, first I was thinking garter stitch, but I think unless it was knit sideways it might be a bit stretchy which would defeat the object.  and the very idea of knitting it sideways feels like a long job.  I like the instant gratification of seeing something grow quickly which means shorter rows rock.

But then tonight I got thinking that some form of i-cord belt might be fun.  Maybe make a shit load of i-cord, much more than I need then cast that off and back on again, using the original i-cord to make more.  Which I think would make it more chunky and durable but I have no idea really because I know very little of these things.  Just that i-cord is fun to make.  It does occur to me however that I would probably need new DPN's to do that as I only have one size (4MM) and would probably need bigger ones for the second stage.  Which does slightly put the kibosh on that for the time being.

Thoughts, anyone?  Sair? Vicky?  Anyone else reading this who knits and I can't think of atm?

And yes, I do have a ravelry membership before anyone asks - my username is funkyfairy22 (same as on ebay and twitter) - and I do realise this might be better posted there.


Onelonegirl said...

im glad to see you are doing so well

Ableize disability information said...

Hell it freeeeeezing out there, scrap the belt and be boring and make a big fluffy make ya nose itch scarf, if fact make two and shove the other one on Ebay :)

Emma said...

*waves at Care* Hi Hon! long time no see xx

And I literally just finished a scarf - it was my project before I planned to do the belt (which I started last night and already messed up I think!)

Ableize disabled information said...

Wollen belt! wont that stretch? or are you planning ahead for all the christmas pud and chocolates lol


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