Thursday, 4 September 2008

Bras, Breasts and Botheredness

They say that 70% of all women are wearing the wrong size bra.  It's true, they had signs up stating that in the lingerie departments of both Marks and Debenhams when I went in them today.  And this year I have been slowly destroying all my underwear without meaning too.  So today, it was time for some new bras.

That was a very interesting experience...  I've never been that bothered about taking my clothes off in front of others which stems from needing help to shower so often in my life.  But I did feel a bit like it was "Hello, I'm Emma, and these are my breasts." when she was helping me find one that fit.  There was absolutely no reason for me to think/feel that but I did.

I thought I was one size but I actually ended up buying bras two back sizes and one cup size bigger than I've been wearing.  From 40E to 44F.  And I know two others who've recently done the same thing.

And for the first time ever I had a choice between a lacy bra and a non lacy one and chose the lacy one.  It's very little lace and it's low key but it's very pretty.

I'm pleased with how they look and how much better they make me look and glad I got measured rather than just buying what I thought.  The size of my new bras does feel a little ridiculous (when I look at them and go 44F! in a shocked way, I mean).  I said that to mum a minute ago on the phone.

She said

"Never mind, it could be worse.  But, not much worse."

And thus, with this entry, I break my new rule I made last week - "Nothing on the blog that would embarrass me if any acquaintances read it."  I have a few friends who read it and that doesn't bother me, my sister reads it and that doesn't bother me and several people I know online read which also doesn't bother me.  But when people I know but not well tell me they read it?  I'm pleased, but equally I think of all the highly intimate things I write like periods and this entry about bras and I cringe.  I'm trying to work on that issue.


Carapace said...

ha! I feel a small amount of your pain. I'm a DDD/E, and dreading the day when that isn't enough. At this size, I can still buy online, and get some reasonably priced bras.
But you will feel so much better in a bra that fits! And it should last longer.

Wheelyfast aka Karen said...

I was recently "fitted" too. I was in the correct size though.


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