Saturday, 30 August 2008

Internet blahs

I'm finding the Internet a very annoying and irritating place lately.  I've heard several stories lately of blogs I follow either being fakes themselves or being the victim of fakers - stealing their photos and passing them off as their own etc. No to mention all the blogs that are spammers and use some of my content... so many of my incoming links are that it's unreal.

So as you might have noticed I have removed all of my photos from this blog and from my facebook page.  Most will be watermarked and will then return however I don't have the time, patience or inclination to do all of the 100+ photos that were on here nor the nearly 150+ that were on facebook (some of which but no where near all were both on here and on facebook).  What you won't have noticed because I've only just done it is that I've added a copyright notice to my RSS feed.

Can I ask how many people follow my blog through my RSS feed?  Because something I've been thinking of is disabling it.  RSS is apparently one of the biggest ways fakers and spammers and blog scrapers get their content.  But I'm still thinking about that at the moment.

The other thing that gets to me at the moment is all the catty, bitchiness that goes on in others comments and some of the clicqueness I see.  But the answer to that is simple, stop reading.  So, for a few days, just for those blogs, I have.


yanub said...

I read the RSS for this site in Google reader. I know there's ways of making it so that only the first few lines of a blog post through RSS, though I don't know how that is done.

sarah said...

i read through rss too. just firefox's add-on.

Penny said...

I'm one of your two RSS subscribers in Bloglines. Yanub is right--just choose the "first few lines" option for your feed, or even the "title only" option if that's available.

I have to admit, I'm unlikely to read a blog without some kind of RSS feed these days.


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