Friday, 16 May 2008

Number one thing not to joke with a fat girl about.

Someone I know walked up to me today and went "I didn't know you were having a baby."

Needless to say I just sat there and gaped at her and went "what?! I'm not."

And they said it again.

I gave them a look.

And they went belatedly "i'm joking." But if they really were joking they should have said that sooo much sooner.

Crash and burn.

They claimed it was a joke because I was knitting and I was knitting with really bright (hot) pink yarn and apparently people only knit with pink yarn when they're knitting for a baby girl?! so she thought it was funny. The yarn is sooo totally not a baby colour.

I replied that it wasn't funny.

They said they thought it was. And so did someone else when they saw me annoyed and us talking.

I really don't find it funny. Particularly not as I think that is something which is unlikely to ever happen to/for me. And I would love to have kids but most of the time I'm ok with that.

So thanks for that, love, I was already feeling a bit off about myself. And now I feel really bad about myself.

If I were to write a list of 101 things not to joke with a fat girl about, that would be number one of that list.


Kathryn said...

God Emma! That person is a jerk and mean. Sorry they decided it was their day to rain their lameness down on you. You can feel good that you are tye type of person that would never be so mean and stupid!

Twofer said...

Oh Emma, this is appalling. I have a confession, I once, very innocently and very cheerfully asked a woman "when are you due?". Honestly, she did not look "fat" to me, she just looked pregnant. The woman looked shocked, hurt and blurted "I am not pregnant" and I felt so gosh darn bad...I apologized of course but there are some things that an "I'm sorry" just will not fix. Needless to say, I've never made this mistake again. Some of us can, and do, learn from the lessons others teach us. Others just seem to find some perverse pleasure in being mean.

Hall of Shame – The Life and Times of Emma said...

[...] She might have been wrong about the “proper life” comment but she certainly wasn’t wrong about that.  I was sooo shocked.  But then I wondered why because this is the same person who thought knitting equalled pregnant. [...]


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