Friday, 16 May 2008

Magic Ointment

I have otitis externa :( otherwise known as an outer ear infection. Or swimmers ear. However I didn't need Abx, just some magic ointment. Well, technically they just referred to it as [name] ointment but I like to call it magic because it has an antibiotic, an anti fungal and a corticosteroid in it and it works super fast. Also calling it magic ointment is a lot easier to say that tri-adcortyl otic.

I stuck to my diet yesterday despite feeling lousy. Today not so much.

I'm not swimming today. And I must remember to buy some goddamn earplugs before i do swim next. Any ideas where to get them?

Today was the first time I have rung or been anywhere near the doctors since seeing the nurse last AUGUST!

1 comment:

Sophinda said...

boots or mayb a sports shop u can get ones that mould to the shape of ur ear


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