Thursday, 27 March 2008

Super Crippled Girl does NOT save the day.

Well, the good news is Christmas is safe for another day.

The bad news is Super Crippled Girl will not needed be to ensure the safety of Christmas.  And she's been told she won't be needed tomorrow.

So I guess I don't get to run around in a cape and tights tomorrow after all.

I'll gladly give the saving of Christmas a miss.  But as for the tights and cape bit?  I was looking forward to that ;-)

[I was supposed to be helping run some CAB outreach stuff tomorrow which is called "Save Xmas" when I told a friend she said it made her think of me in a cape and tights.   The idea of the outreach stuff had been freaking me out a little but the cape and tights idea did make me laugh loads - how fun would that have been?!]

1 comment:

Ableize - Disabled Resources said...

Dont worry about saving Christmas, i just saw it on my wall calender so it doesnt need saving. It should happen on the 25th of December :)

Mind you, i'd still as Santa for the cape and tights lol


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