Saturday, 22 March 2008

And Fireflies....

Firefly Scarf

Close up on the details of my Firefly Scarf

I first started knitting this on Feb 29th.  And then ripped it out three times for various reasons (love the yarn but it's not easy to fix mistakes in!  Particularly not when you drop the whole damn project off of the needles!)

However the fourth time was the charm and I started it on Wednesday night and finished it this evening.

I used slightly less than 2 balls (25g each) of Sirdar Firefly and 12 mm needles.  I think the colour is called Aquamarine, I bought the yarn in September and truthfully can't remember.  Actually I think the aquamarine might be the one with greener tints to it, kinda turquoise.  Whatever.  It took way less yarn that I thought it would - going by how much was in each ball weight wise I bought four balls (and have two and a bit left) but it never occurred to me to look at how much yardage there was per ball - and this is a very light yarn.

It's not as neat as I would like but I love it and am very glad I persevered.

I think I will probably make another scarf with the remainder as a gift for a friend.  But I think Zeeby's Bag is probably going to be my next project.  For knitters, if you are a ravelry member look it up on there.  It's from the Stitch n Bitch book by Debbie Stoller.


Louisiana said...

beautifully done, very nice hon..

here to wish you a happy Easter to you and yours.

MamaBearJune said...

Emma, that is so very pretty! I think it would match my eyes! ;-) Knitting is one of those things that never caught my fancy. Now, quilting, that's one of my loves!

Nelba said...

I also enjoy knitting but have given it up since we got cats. They are incapable of leaving a ball of yarn alone. And the kids are even worse. I miss my knitting.

The scarf is really beautiful. Colour..everything!

Ableize - Disabled Resources said...

Looks good, well done.

Why not do loads and sell them on Ebay as one off genuine articles?

Emma said...

actually, you are the second person to suggest eBay for those - I'm thinking about it


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