Monday, 18 February 2008

Right but not easy.

I  am currently TRYING to spend less time online and/or in my wheelchair.  It is and it isn't going well.  Yesterday would be an example of it not going well - the time tracker thingy i have in firefox shows I was actively using it for over four hours.  If I'd gotten some of my to do list ticked off that would be a good thing but...

I have the majority of my MSN contact list blocked and haven't been on a couple of favourite sites/message boards.  Those two things being my online time suck extraordinary

I finished one book Friday night and have nearly finished (have about 70 pages left) my third book since then.  That would be an example of things going well.

I don;t know, it's a good idea and it's healthier for me not to spend so much time online or in my wheelchair.  And I did manage to loosen things up in my legs really easily yesterday when I was persistant about the standing thing.  But overall it's not an easy thing to do.   It's right, but it's not easy.

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yanub said...

Congrats on getting stuff done away from the net. It's truly addictive. I generally can only stay away when I'm having computer trouble. And even then, I find myself with computer in lap, staring at it like a cat stares at a doorknob, willing it to work.


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