Thursday, 10 January 2008

The Cupid Effect ~ Dorothy Koomson

I'm not sure how much longer this writing about what I read lark is going to last but... here goes...

I just finished The Cupid Effect by Dorothy Koomson.  Chick lit at it's best.  It's a very easy read and the Ceri the main character is very likeable and almost like one of your mates.  It's not a book with a moral or a meaning, it's a laugh.  And it's definitely that.  I enjoyed it.  Not a book that challenged me, made me think or had me wondering.  Just a feel good story and a giggle - exactly as the author intended.  The perfect way to relax.

I've read one other of hers (Marshmallows for Breakfast) and I have My Best Friend's girl sat waiting for me to read soon... if that is of high a standard in terms of it's writing I know I will enjoy it.

Personally however though, as much as I like my chick lit I do like books with a bit more substance... it's good and I enjoyed it but it's not my favourite type of book.  I like to read stuff that pushes me.

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