Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Small Steps

No change with the weight loss thing today/this week.  Not at all surprised and very happy (beyond happy, almost) to be where I am with my weight at this current moment in time.  Still got a really long way to go but... I'll get there.

My Dad keeps saying stuff about how I need to lose more weight now because it'll soon be my birthday and christmas and I'll gain weight.  What's the point in that?!  What will be, will be and I'm not going to be obssessed over my weight when I'm celebrating the fact that I'm getting old.  Maybe I will gain weight and maybe  won't.  Who knows.  I don't think I'll lose any over those few weeks but what I do think is that in the long run it doesn't matter because what does matter is a system I can live with, have fun with, enjoy and keep up.  And doing it this way I can.

We had our monthly workers meeting today and as it's Christmas we had everyone bring in a few nibbles.  So I had nibbly bits instead of lunch.  It was going to be as well but my supervisor was like "why are you going out to buy a sandwich when everyones bringing nibbles?" and I realised the error of my ways.

A big part of the box of chocolate cookies i took was left over and they pushed me to take them home but I already had some here so I left them for everyone else to have with coffee next week (well the rest of this week more likely)

Small progress.  I'm pleased.


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Congrats on staying the same! :grin:

Come visit us @ Gabi's World

MamaBearJune said...

Good for you! Love your attitude. :lol:

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama said...

You are absolutely right about the's O.K. if you gain as long as that in the long run you have found a way that works for you to take it off. Great points!

sarah said...

=) it's noticing those habits we get in to and breaking them that helps big time in the long run. it was only the other day that i remembered eating and making myself sick on horrible chocolate as a kid. my sister didn't eat hers. why did i? to be polite to the person who gave them to us! how ridiculous?! xx


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