Wednesday, 12 December 2007

bit o this, bit o that

I'm in a writing mood.  I'm also really tired.  The two together are not really a good mix but what can you do?

I've been doing loads of knitting over the last few days... I think my speed has really increased.  but then it's all garter stitch (think thats the right one, just knit?) and I'm using chunky yarn on 9mm needles.  It's a just because present for someone for Christmas.  Then I want to use some purple self patterning yarn i have up - have  rough idea for something in stockingette but need to think more.

And I want to knit a thing that i think is called a cowl but I dunno what happened with my circular needles.  And they seem to be a bit of a bugger to get the hang of.

I am a little obssessed with yarn today.

Positive things about this evening:

All of my washing including towels and bedding is washed and dried.  It's been a long time since I had no laundry on the airer and or waiting to go in the machine.  Buying a new dryer a few weeks ago was a good decision.

And my mum came round this evening and wrapped all of my christmas presents (apart from her own, natch).  That's a huge stress off of my shoulders.  Usually carers do it but with reduced support I wasn't sure how we were going to fit it in and it worried me a bit.

Less care has been going well but it is the silly little things like that which worry me and make the biggest difference. The little things are also what differentiates between an "ok" carer and a really great one.  My regular carer is really great.  I keep having another one lately though and for some reason I can't explain I don't feel comfortable with her.  Tis strange.  Hopefully if she keeps coming we will get on better (but a big part of me hopes she doesn't, I must admit!)

I *think* there may be a plan afoot for silliness with me and my sister next week.

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sarah said...

i'm with you 100% on the wrapping and little things. this year i bought some paper bags that I am HOPING 90% of the presents can be wrapped in... which reminds me, I want to still get sy a box of choccies (LOL amazon don't deliver those!!) ... ooh if i don't see you on msn later, i'm having a quandry: short short dress or jeans for tomorrow evening (xmas party)!!


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