Thursday, 8 November 2007

7 Years

Today marks my 7th anniversary as a blogger.  I just realised that late last night.

Obviously not all of it is on this site.  And some of my older blogs are lost forever.  That's not really a bad thing.  When I go back and read some of the older stuff (some of it is saved on my hard drive) it makes me cringe to see what I used to write about and how I used to write.  But it's also nice to have that record.

Even going back to September this year (just for example) if I were to read my entries again I would find things that I had forgotten about.  It's a trigger for my memory and  a great way to remember my history.  The big things, and the little.

Here's to the next 7 years.


Jacqui's Mum in Aus said...

Wow! That is a long time to have been blogging. Congratulations! And here's to the next seven years, I certainly will be reading with interest.....

Shiloh said...

Emma, I got thinking about it, and this is also my seventh year of blogging... :smile:


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