Wednesday, 3 October 2007


It seems my gain from last week was related to the fact that the Red Army came to town a day or so later.  For some reason I had lost all track of such things and hadn't realised from the way I felt that was soon.  Which probably explains why I was so irrational last week.  And this week, all three of the lb I had regained have gone, along with two more!

So I'm down 5lb for a total of 22lb.  And I'm in virgin fat territory again.

I am still full of cold and generally feeling a bit yucky but I went to work anyway and it was ok.   A nap will be required very shortly though.  Just as soon as I eat lunch.

This week I've been working on drinking water, next week I had planned exercise as my goal but that seems currently unrealistic so I think increasing my water again is the plan.


JanB said...

So Cool!! You have lost a lot and you are doing really great!! I am proud of you!!

MamaBearJune said...

You are doing so well, Emma! Hope you feel better really soon.

Thea said...

That's great about the loss! Good for you! Good luck this week!

Donetta said...

Good job!

Kellie said...

:) That's fantastic! Hope this week turns out just as great for you!


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