Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The End of The May Day Weight Loss Challenge

The final weigh in for the MDWLC over at Tales from the Scales is today.

And I've lost another 2lb.

Making a total of 20lb lost in just over two months. (although I did participate in the whole challenge, I started afresh 1st July 07 for various reasons).

My cousin gets married at the weekend; I will get someone to take an "after" photo of me when we are there and post it here soon as I can.

It won't really be an after picture because I still have a long way to go (about another 3 stone/42lb). But it will be a good picture and something to be proud of.

Oh and John Mayer may have sung "your body is a wonderland" but MY body is in ONEderland as of today. And that's the version I'm singing.

My body is also a wonderland and by treating it right with exercise and healthier eating it's one I can enjoy for longer. I plan to continue this - it's not a diet, it's an attitude, a lifestyle.

I've gone from 218lb (15st 8lb) to 198lb (14st 2lb).

And I pray to God that ONEderland is where I stay. I know I've said this before, but I never want to see that 2 again. I really mean it this time.


MamaBearJune said...

Emma, that's ONDERFUL! ;-) Congratulations! I hope you will continue with the new challenge at TFTS with me. I've got about the same amount to lose, too so we can definitely cheer each other on. I'm within a pound of Onderland and may have made it today if I'd actually been able to sleep! Oh well. Next week, I hope!

JanB said...

Congratulation on your progress! You have done so well, I am at about the same amount yet to lose as you, so apparently we three (you, me and June) are in the same boat!

Jamie said...

Very, very good! Twenty pounds is great!!! I never got to that 2, but I was so, so scared of it! When I first went to WW in 2002, I weighed 195.6 and boy oh boy. That was so close to 200, and I knew I either needed to get serious or decide I was okay with being fat. I joined WW and lost 50 pounds, but have since gained back 25+ pounds. Keep it up! You can do this!!!

Thea said...

Congrats, Emma! You did great!!

Michelle said...

Oh that is SOOOO exciting!! Very nicely, done Emma. Twenty pounds is incredible, and I know first hand how good it feels to get under and rid of that 2. Keep up the great work!

Melissa said...

Emma, you have done a fantastic job! How exciting to be in Onederland! I can't wait to go through the next challenge with you. I'll be looking for that after picture, I bet you look fabulous.

Hillary said...

Way to go!!! You pushed through and didn't stop you are an inspiration!!!!!!! Congrats on being in the Onederland...I love that!! That is my new goal now to be in the Onederlands with my friends from TFTS


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