Tuesday, 31 July 2007


I feel great today. I dyed my hair last night with the help of a friend/carer and she also trimmed my fringe so I can see again! It's a really dark red and it looks GREAT.

Doing that and moving my body last night really improved my mood. I was feeling pretty blah before that but not after. I guess what they say about Endorphins is true.

I'm also one of those people who always feels better with clean hair and who believes she can do anything just so long as she washes her hair first. Obviously dyeing your hair is like the crack cocaine of the do your hair and feel better world.

I also sat outside for a little while reading (Persuasion by Jane Austen) in the evening. It was a nice evening and a good book but a little too chilly for strappy top and shorts.

I also found out a really cool piece of Star Trek Voyager trivia last night but it made me have a fangirl attack so I will save you all my silly squeeing and not share that here.

Finally, I was 14 st 11lb this morning - down 4lb from last week and 11lb in total. Which also means I met my below 15 st goal and my no longer weighing more than my dad goal.



Lori said...

I have no idea how much my dad weighs, but I now weigh less than my husband, and I am so very glad about that!

Nice work this week. 4 pounds! I'm doing a little happy dance with you.

Katiebod said...

yeah, the weighing less than my Dad thing is a goal of mine, too. FOUR pounds...that's awesome!

Sair said...

we need pics girl!

congratulations on the weightloss and thank you for sharing your quote on my journal.

Michelle said...

Way to go!! I remember being excited some time back about being able to wear my brother's jeans that he wore in high school. Bizarre but true. Of course, a girl who's 5'10" should be able to fit into her 6"2" brother's jeans....when he's an OFFENSIVE LINEMAN. But I didn't, til I lost 30lbs (and he gained 30lb to play college ball, which is why my mom was handing down his pants to begin with) .

JanB said...

Congratulations! Both on the loss and on the hair, I need to do that today. My grey is really showing and I am tired of it. At 42, I am at that stage where I just don't want to be grey yet!!

Thea said...

4 lbs!! That awesome! Great job!

Good luck this week!

MamaBearJune said...

HOORAY! Congrats on the weight loss and dyeing your hair. And I just LOVE everything by Jane Austen.

My next goal is to get below my husband's weight. He's at his goal and my goal is about 30lb below THAT!

Sara said...

You are rockin!! Keep it up!

Skittles said...

Don't you just love a good haircut.. and a good book, too!

Congrats on the weight loss!

kellie said...

There's nothing like fresh hair color to make a girl feel great...except for a FOUR POUND loss! That's awesome!

denise said...

I am so happy for you, four pounds is wonderful.

Becky said...

Hey Emma

Well done on the weight loss! I've been following your blog for a long time. I have cp too and am also a wheelchair princess - I borrowed the epithet, thanks. I'm also in the UK and 25 in a few weeks. You can find out more if you want to in my blog. Yours was one of the sites which inspired me to start mine.
Hope to hear from you.
Best wishes


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