Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Small Changes ~ No Regrets

So... it's Tuesday and time again to report my progress for the Tales from the Scales May Day challenge. And I stayed the same this which I am totally fine and completely happy with.

I am very pleased with how I ate and moved my body last week and how HEALTHY I was/am. It's a bit of an eye-opener for me but a good one because it means I don't have any excuses left any more. I planned that I would have a treat on Sunday. And between Wednesday and then I stuck to my diet completely and utterly. Just the treat on Sunday too nothing else, no "well I've had the muffin and coke I may as well eat all the chocolate in the whole fucking world."

I'm spending more time away from the computer too which makes for a calmer, more adjusted, happier Emma. And last night I wanted to go buy treats, was debating it. Soph said go for it. But I didn't. Another small change, another small victiory

She's struggling with her weight a bit at the moment too. That's strange for me that I am the one working on it and happier where I am and she is the one saying she must lose weight and all the things I usually say. Bit of a role reversal but sort of interesting too.

The best part of this previous week?

I have this favourite pair of black trousers and when I started my diet in February they were tight and looked terrible. Then they started fitting really well. And then on Saturday I went for dinner with my parents and they fell down as my dad was helping me walk to the loo.

I also have a new skirt I bought about two, three weeks ago. When I got it home I tried it on and I couldn't do the zip up all the way but I kept it because I figured if I stayed in my chair it wouldn't matter, it was close enough and one of my floaty shirts would cover the evidence of my fatness. I just wouldn't be able to wear it to work because walking would not be a GOOD IDEA with a not done up properly skirt.

Well, I put it on on Sunday and zipped it up the entire way, did the hook and eye at the top too. Then I realised what I'd done. Big smile on my face all day.

I wore it to work yesterday too. Walked around loads. With another big grin and a happy face.

I now know that I have lost weight and that it's noticable. I didn't before.

No regrets they don't work
No regrets now they only hurt
Sing me a love song
Drop me a line
Suppose it's just a point of view
But they tell me I'm doing fine


Sair said...

congratulations emma! it's a real buzz losing weight, i still smile when i get on the scales/can fit the occasional size 10 (bottoms only lol) Wishing you continued success! x

Denise said...

You are doing great.

sophinda said...

hmm i was thinking earlier about blogging about my weight. im in 2 minds about it i think i need to lose a bit of weight but in some clothes i look fine so im thinking just trying and seeing what happens. cos my actual weight weight sounds high but i know that what i look like doesnt show that weight and losing half a stone would make me look loads better what ya reckon? xxx

Katiebod said...

no loss
no gain
no reason to frown
specially since those
black pants are
falling down!


Chana said...

another stunning blog page you have come up with. i have missed you my friend, and in coming now i'm delighted to hear you have been well and happy. i'm feeling better and if this trend continues i be back to blogging regularly. that means visiting you lots more, whoo=hooo ...

congrats on feeling healthier and on the lost lbs. i always tought you were beautiful, i can imagine how great you must be looking.

many hugs to you and i will be back asap hopefully. xoxo


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