Tuesday, 15 May 2007

May Day Challenge Week One

So for those of you here from Tales from the Scales May Day Challenge, the official result for the first week is that I lost a big fat ZERO.

Considering I have a streaming cold/chest infection and just wound up at the doctors today for a nice Rx of Erythromycin I'm just being pleased it's not a gain. I do not do well with eating when I am sick or when I've been dealt a bit of a blow and both together as I'm dealing with now? - lets just say it's not been pretty. I am trying to keep some control though.

Oh and talking of eating and medical stuff, this is the first time this year I've been on antibiotics (and, in fact, I think the first time since October or November). I am pretty impressed by that and think that maybe shows just how much of a difference truly taking care of yourself nutritionally makes.

And for everyone who left messages of sympathy and support on my previous post - thank you very much. I have appreciated them all and I know that my sister (who reads this) has too. Even the ones that were so touching they made us cry.

I am going to take my sick self back to bed. (((hugs))) for all.


sophinda said...

woop woop shooboopbedoop. nutrition rocks my socks oh yeah! well done u for not putting on at stressful times xxxxxxxxxx

Rocky said...

Hey princess emma
Im dont a blogger person at all..but i have to say i came accross your site and fell in love with everything. I think your amazing and will keep on reading. Congratulations on your nutrional goals.
Have a great day and keep reading!!


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