Saturday, 28 April 2007

*&^&)!! Spam

It's about four days since I last cleared out my spam comments folder for this site. And there were 164 of the damn things. Plus two comments that Akismet let through but my settings (first comment from any e-mail must be approved by me before it shows up) stopped.

I love Spam the food, particularly grilled in a sandwich. In fact I might have that for lunch. But the other sort of spam? Enough already?!!?!

Oh and nothing annoys me more than sitting there paging through all those 164 spam comments in Akismet reading about porn and drugs and things that make me squick and then having to go back through the list again because whoever designed askismet in their infinite wisdom put the "not spam" button at the bottom of the list but the "delete all" at the top!!

Jacqui said it best.

Ok, new policy for this site.

If you think a comment you left has gone to spam let me know. It does happen sometimes but not often and then I could stop looking at the spam just in case making us all happier.


Emma said...

test comment

Philip said...

All I can think about when people mention spam is Monty Python - ROFL

Jacqui said...

i hate spam!!!!!


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