Sunday, 8 April 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

I like Easter, I find it so much easier to cope with than Christmas. In part because of the weather I think but also in part because to me it isn't such a big deal with huge expectations from society about the need to be happy and enjoy ourselves.

I am happy today. Sitting here with the sun shining in through the windows with my hair damp on my shoulders slowly drying. Wearing a light blue strappy top and my favourite long blue skirt. It's gypsy like and swooshy and floaty and I love it. It's also the first time this year I've worn it.

But if I wasn't happy today? Well that is a concept that feels much more OK than unhappiness at Christmas.

I hope your day is good and also - filled with chocolate!


Philip said...

A happy easter to you too and let's hope the chocolate keeps flowing :-)

Windy said...

Happy Easter to you too. My family came down to visit my husband and I on Good Friday and we had a wonderful time! They have just left and now I'm very tired... :P


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