Monday, 19 March 2007

Lots of links, again

Some links I wanted to share.

For Want of a Word.  Steve shares his thoughts on a talk he did about self-advocacy and shares a wonderful anecdote about Prince Charles which really made me think.

Kay has some pretty funny pictures on disability.

It's probably really wrong of me but I do find this article from Ouch! kind of funny. It's one of those you've just got to laugh things...

One Million for Disability.  Funky Mango shares a link to a petition to improve the lives of disabled people and combat discrimination within the EU and explains it far better than I ever could.  Did you know that the EU must respond to a call from at least 1 million citizens?  Or if you just want to sign the petition, the link is here.

On the One Million for Disability website I especially like the Adopt a Disability Attitude page.  Particularly the bit at the bottom where it says:
A pinch of knowledge,

two spoons of awareness,

and a handful of simple actions,

are the ingredients of a very successful

“Disability Attitude”

Finally, a link that I have been meaning to post here for a while.  Scope, the UK based charity for people with CP are running a campaign to defend the human rights of disabled children in the light of the recent revelations about the Ashley Treatment.  You can sign the petition here.


Connie and Steve said...

Hi Emma,

Thanks for the links! I look forward to returning and spending some time exploring further. First I have to get my taxes done. By the way, I love the color scheme of your blog.

~ Connie

Jacqui said...

There are lots of great stuff on the net at the moment. I've been meaning to do something similar but I don't get much time to myself anymore. Thanks for the links!



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