Monday, 12 February 2007

Freak Out

Hugs are desperately needed here,

I am having a minor freak out about some CP stuff.  Strange how knowing I needed a GP appt to discuss my spasticity is one thing, hearing the nurse say she'd booked me in for "one of the ones tomorrow that we kept reserved for urgent cases" is something completely different.  Even though I do know rationally that she only put me in as urgent as non urgent would have been end of March, hearing a CP related problem classed as urgent has really sent me spinning.

Still at least my BP which is why I originally went to the nurse was 144/80 and no worries there!


Kathryn said...

Hi Emma,

Big hugs to you! Hang in there. And post when you can so we know you are ok.

Jacqui said...


i hope everything is alright. Big hugs for your appointment.


Chana said...

i'm here with a bag full of hugs and kisses,cuddles and squeezes for you.
i leave them with you and they are self refillable so don't you worry about using them all up.

i hope the appt goes well and that whatever comes of it will be something positive and workable. you are strong and brave and i know you will always find a way to come through shinning.

much love and good luck. i will be thinking of you hon.


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