Tuesday, 16 January 2007

It hurts like a bitch

So I, um, somehow managed to gash my toe open this morning. No idea how I did it other than I did it in the shower (shades of Psycho there). Blood was (and actually still is) everywhere. Literally. In the bathroom, trailed all through the hall and by my bed.

Wonderful, just wonder-fucking-ful. And of course, CP just can't be left out of anything even mildly bodily function related and has to complicate matters.

I really hate this time of year.


Jacqui said...

Sounds like you are in the wars too! Hope it's not too bad and you were able to clean up the blood. Master C just came and told me that a couple of hours ago, he spilt his smoothie upstairs on the carpet - thanks for letting me know. It looks like its too late now and have another big stain. Oh well!

Kathryn said...

Hope your toe is ok Emma! Some days really suck. I hope 2007 doesn't continue to suck as badly as it has so far.


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