Thursday, 7 December 2006

My talk and an article about me!

The talk went really well. It was harder than the first one because it was in a much more formal environment and in a bigger room etc which meant I had to get wired up with a microphone. But I was pleased with how well it went and my parents were impressed. Or at least my mum kept telling me that she was and that I did really well!
I think I spoke for a little over ten minutes this time so that was a little less than before and I only got one question which actually I didn't know the exact answer too - whether or not it is true that there is a cabin/bunk on the boat sponsored by Rotary. I said that I knew that various cabins and other parts of the boat had been sponsored by various organisations and that my cabin had been sponsored but not by the rotary and I couldn't remember who it was.

Oh and they were dishing out copies of their "area news" which had details of what all the different clubs in our area (Oxfordshire, berkshire, buckinghamshire and part of the midlands I think).

Look what was in it (click to view larger and then when that has loaded click on the image again to view it's full size):

Article about my trip


Christamae said...

That's a crazy picture with you in the air. Congratulations on the article and speech.

Take care,
Ones Who Care

Jacqui said...

Great stuff. Great photo.

You scared me a bit when I logged on to your site and it told me how many days to Christmas. OMG. I haven't even started Xmas shopping yet!

Connie Kuusisto said...

Hi Emma!

Thanks for the post for the upcoming Disability Blog Carnival # 5. We appreciate your sharing your adventure with us! See you on the 14th at where we'll have the carnival up and running!

Planet of the Blind said...

Disability Blog Carnival # 6...

Welcome to the Planet of the Blind and the December 14, 2006 edition of the disability blog carnival. We appreciate your stopping by, and we VERY MUCH appreciate the contributions of all those who participated this time around. This blog...


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