Wednesday, 22 November 2006

How would you define

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OK because I was wondering...

How would you define

  • Healthy?

  • Disabled?

  • Ill?

  • Disadvantaged?

  • Suffer/Suffering?

And other like terms.
What do you think when people ask what your illness is or if you are bothered by being around "healthy" people? Do people ask you those sort of questions or am I the only person blessed in that way?

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Jacqui said...


I'm going to really hate it when Moo is asked those questions.

As you know, I wouldn't classify a heavily pregnant woman with a big baby as being disabled, even if she has a lot of problems waddling to the shops. To me, a disability has to be permanent. We have a lot of contraversy in Oz over disabled parking permits as people are misusing the system. Our current affairs shows have stories most weeks where they set up cameras and watch people park is disabled spot and jump out of their car to go to the shops. Which i think makes it harder for those people who genuinely need it as the general public have taken to thinking that everyone who has a sticker is abusing the system.

The other thing, is I don't think old age necessarily equates to illness or disability. And I see a difference between acquired injuries and life long conditions like CP. They aren't the same.

Disadvantaged and suffer/suffering I see as related to personal wealth or lack thereof.


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