Monday, 20 November 2006


Highlights of the day:

I got bored of the red on here so it's back to purple.

My official typed up word count for NaNo is now more the 25,000. And I was scribbling in my notebook while lying in front of the tv early so I do actually have a few more words (probably around 27K once typed I imagine).

I have nine more days for 25K more words. do able but eeeek!

Heat packs are the worlds best thing for sore backs. To heat one up and then slip it behind my back in my chair and feel the warm pulsing into my back and radiating up and down it is pure bliss.

If I ever win the lottery I am buying a tilt in space wheelchair, a rise recline armchair and a laptop.

1 comment:

Chana said...

i do hope you win the lottery. i will cross my fingers for you.

i'm sorry you are hurting. i send you hugs and hopes that you feel better soon hon.

you have done much writting. good job, you will finish just fine i write beautiful.


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