Monday, 27 November 2006

Crippled Humour

I found a wonderful description of what disability is earlier.

Disability is

Do It Sitting Ability

Oh and a few days ago thanks to Jacqui over at Terrible Palsy I found this list of definitions from the special education law blog..

I especially like this one:

Terrible Palsy - A condition in which onlookers and people in the community tell us how challenging it must be to have a disability or to be related to a person with a disability. This condition manifests itself through pity and audible sighing of those around you. Terrible Palsy can be deceiving because you can be asymptomatic for weeks, months, or even years, and then just when you and your family are feeling really good about your child, it can present itself in the form of a condescending pat on the head or a blessing from an anonymous busybody. Best known treatment is to carry a list of snappy comebacks in your pocket or a large bag of peanut M & Ms.

I have some good comebacks but unfortunately most people who persist in spreading Terrible Palsy about use them to make the infestation even worse.
Also I posted an entry here a few days ago asking how people would define various terms. I also posted it on No Pity and got some very interesting and in some cases funny replies. Especially the bit about Fibromyalgia and Sex (scroll down the comments) that bit made me PMSL almost literally!!!


Christamae said...

I like that. Here's a quote on pity for you: "Pity sees a need at arms length. Compassion reaches out to touch. Pity never becomes more than a feeling. Compassion compels us to act." --- Joni Eareckson Tada. I say that pity is poison. I hope your carer situation is better.


Ann Sieck said...

I used to go down steep hills in a semi-controlled skid when I was at UC Berkeley. I'd enjoy the fact that people coming up were feeling sorry for me when really they were about to get run over.

Who knows which of us is most to be pitied?


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