Thursday, 28 September 2006

No fame for me!

Well, I'm not front page news today. Or any other type of news.

The article about my trip was not published. I'm guessing it will be published next thursday but who knows?! I'm more than a little annoyed about that mostly because I literally told everyone that I was going to be in the paper today.

LOL Ian who I work with had told me I could expect there to be a mistake in it because whenever he had read an article he knew about it hadn't been 100% correct. And Joan had backed him up too. So when I saw him today I was joking w/ him going "Ian you were right they made a huge mistake with my newspaper article.... they forgot to publish it!!!"

In theory I should see the person who wrote the article on Monday (she wasn't the one who told me it would probably be in today) and I will ask her if she knows anything. In practice however I might cave and call her to see whats what. We shall see.

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Chana said...

don't you worry, you are still very much famous for your heart and brains with all of us. besides, they will publish it, you will often happens. it's all about the bigger fish, often stories of the heart get pushed over for more 'flashy' ones..but they will print din't loose face, i promise and if anyone thinks that you did, just send them to me. love you. hugs.


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