Sunday, 13 August 2006

Chance Circumstances

Picture post tomorrow, I have really cool plans for the day and I know that certain people who read this will scream at me if I don't post pictures! I haven't posted photos here in ages it seems... but then I haven't been feeling myself for ages (three long, horrible, weeks) either.

Talking of things and three weeks.. my sailing trip is just over three weeks away. I can't wait. I really really hope to experience some things I never have before and to just make the most of it as far as possible. Mum and I are spending the day in Swindon on Wednesday in the hopes of getting me some boots and over stuff for my trip.

No twitchyness so far today! Plenty of pain though... i'm gonna take a dose of co-codamol before bed.

I can't stop thinking about the other people involved in the accident Soph was in yesterday and hoping that they learnt a lesson - the lesson they so obviously needed to - from that. I worry about the child and any other children if they haven't. But for a few chance circumstances it could have been so much worse for all involved and they are all lucky it wasn't.

I've been thinking about chance circumstances a lot today... I was really lucky when my powerchair messed up yesterday because usually I don't have a manual chair in the room I was in when I'm powerchairing it. But my Kuschall had been to have it's brakes worked on and I'd not got around to swopping back into it from my Quickie meaning that was in the lounge and my Quick was in my usual manual leaving place. Lucky because otherwise I'd have been stuck until my Mum could have got to me... I can walk but not as far as where I leave my manual - i mean, i can walk that far but not unaided.


princess said...

hmm wats happening tomorrow then chickie bee? i was thinking about the whole change in circumstances thing to because one example is that ben swerved if there was a car coming the other way him and the other driver could hav been killed, if wed been going faster or not swerved the others could hav been really badly hurt or even killed. its freaky.

Christamae said...

chance circumstance for me often = divine intervention. I have spinal seizures (caused by Spinal myoclonus) that make me jerk and are painful. Hope things even out.

Take care,
Ones Who Care

Chana said...

oh 3 wks will go in a flash...yuppi...what an adventure..i'm so happy for you.

so sorry you are in pain. i hope it settles soon hon.

glad your friend is alright...accidents are so easily had with so little attention being placed on driving.

have a great shoppind day with your mom...sounds like fun. enjoy.


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