Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Essays, etc.

I have almost all of my essays and poems etc up on this website now. The design needs a bit of work, some of the links bring up 404s and some pieces are formatted in a really screwy way. But, it's almost all there!

If you've read my previous blogs and/or LiveCP then you've almost definitely read them all as none of them are new. However if you do want to read them, they can be found here.

I went out for lunch today. And the disabled toilet was in the Gents. I guess we could call that an educational experience!


hotdog said...

bless you cant imagine you in the gents some how emma

Shi said...

LOL. Hey been there done that. Had to have a blasted guard at the door to prevent embarrassing moments.

Chana said...

can't believe that's where it is...when is this world gonna get it all together in so many things....yikes.


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