Thursday, 22 June 2006

Anxious family stuff

I have some family stuff (sickness) going on at the moment that I don't feel I want to talk about here right now. And tomorrow is the third anniversary of my Grandad C's death. All of which grouped together is making me unsettled and anxious.

I don't like it and I could do without it. But as they say, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." and as they also say "this too shall pass."

I've been passing time by re-reading old blog entries from the past year or so today. It's strange to see how far I've come in that time and how many "little things" had slipped my mind... it makes me glad, proud even, that I am a blogger.


Chana said...

May God be with you and Bless your heart and soul. Take care. Love you. Hugs.

Summer Gale said...

I hope things sort themselves out. I've missed you. I lost your link for awhile but I got you back now :)


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