Tuesday, 9 May 2006

A lot of thinking

I've been doing a lot of thinking over the last few days. Especially yesterday. And I've come to some conclusions and some realisations. Mostly good, but a few not so good. I set myself a few goals and I think maybe I'm getting out of this rut again but then again I always think I'm getting out of it and I never actually seem to completely get out of it.

Still I've put the wheels in motion for a few things...

one of my goals was to be the best CAB adviser I can and I certainly feel like I did that one justice today. I worked with three clients this afternoon, I can't remember the last time I did three face to face clients in one day. I felt like they all went well and I recognised some of the more hidden aspects with one client, and didn't allow the tears of another to fluster me.

We also had a different supervisor to usual and I had a great chat with her about things in general and with my CAB work. She paid me a compliment on my case notes and gave me some encouragement. I also mentioned the fact that I believe my biggest issue holding me back there at the moment. (In my life as a whole, actually) is my confidence. I need to find a way to believe in myself more. If only that were easy.

I've also been thinking a lot about happiness in general and the people in my life... I think there is someone who comes accross as a great friend, is a lovely person but who stresses me out and without meaning to gets me down with her jokey/not so jokey comments. I've realised now that it's not ok that happens. I should have realised it a lot sooner but that's ok. Hopefully it won't take me as long to come to a conclusion as to a course of action about it!


starhearts said...

Hi Emma! Thanks for the chat today it was great to hear from you and have a bit of time to chat!!!! It never seems like anough as I would far rather have visited with you then going to the funeral home (it was ok but not nearly as fun... well funeral homes don't tend to be that way most of the time anyways.) I read through your diary and caught up some..still a bit more to read. Sorry about your Nanny.. I still can see the pic you showed me... HUGS!!!!! I am sure if she was there she would be giving you one too. LOVE YA and take care of you!!! C.

battlerocker said...

I'm glad you appear to have had a better day. I hope you can find the confidence you seek.

Janice said...

Confidence eludes me so often too!!

It sounds like you are doing a good job - butI will have to read aroudn here a bit more to figure out what a CAB advisor is. LOL

Chana said...

do what you need to have peace in your life. she/he should understand that..good luck!


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