Thursday, 5 January 2012

Thursday Thirteen #1

OK so it's not my first ever Thursday Thirteen but I've not done one in forever (maybe not at all last year) so I'm calling it #1.

Thirteen Things I Hope To Do In 2012

1. Lots of writing. Fiction mostly but I'd like to give poetry another shot too.
2. Lose a little weight. I have a lot to lose but I'd like to do it slowly as I think it's more likely to stay off.
3. Swim. I really miss swimming regularly.
4. Go to the seaside. I've not been by the sea for a couple of years which is a huge shame.
5. Meet up with uni friends in Birmingham. We tried and failed to meet up last year and I miss the laughter and the pizza and the hugs we share when we do meet up.
6. Have at least one article published. I had 1 published in both 2010 and 2011, I'd like to continue the trend.
7. Read Emma by Jane Austen. I love her books and it's the only one of her full novels I've not read completely.
8. Take my meds regularly. I really struggled with this last year.
9. See a Shakespeare play. I've read a couple when I was at school but never seen one on stage.
10. Get a new powerchair. Self explanatory really but it needs to happen soon ish.
11. Try a new craft. Perhaps pottery although knowing me I'd end up mega messy.
12. Have a decent attempt at the first draft of a novel. Because novel writing isn't just for November.
13. Be a better friend. I feel like I neglected a lot of my friends towards the end of 2011 due to my depression and that's unacceptable.


colleen said...

Good list and good luck with it. I'm going to wear more dresses and go to Hollywood.

Cindy Swanson said...

Excellent goals! I so agree about the seaside. I love the sea, and I rarely get to see it because I'm in landlocked Illinois. I'd love to have a beach vacation this coming summer!

Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life


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