Tuesday, 29 March 2011

101 in 1001 - Item 13...

Buy a new more appropriate life jacket

...has been completed!

I'd been meaning to get a new lifejacket for ages - since I wrote this list in fact.  And I'd been planning to ask my Dad if he could take me somewhere to look for one for the past few weeks but then it was a case of never remembering when I saw or spoke to him.

Then I went to Reading shopping last week

I went into Clas Ohlson which is an interesting shop which sells a wide and in my opinion slightly weird variety of things.  I'd wanted a quick look at the kitchen stuff but had decided to look at everything.  And to my surprise I spotted that they had a variety of decent life jackets at a price which I thought was very reasonable.  I tried one on (which I don't think they were very happy about but whatever) and it was easy to get on and  fitted well (it was a little loose but I didn't adjust it and usually wear more layers sailing than I had on that day).

The only problem was I was in my manual chair and knew I wouldn't be able to carry it round Reading and back to the train station then home.  My Dad works in Reading, not far from the centre in fact, so I called him and asked if he would either come and get it from me if I bought it or if I could tell him where and what it was and he could come another day.  But he said he'd come meet me so I bought it and just about managed to balance it on my lap to wheel down to our agreed meeting point.  And dropped it at soon as I stopped moving - thankfully a man passing by grabbed it and passed it back without being asked.  Dad brought it back to me when he got the train back that evening - and he wheeled me to the next place I planned to go before going back to work too which was a win.

Sailing starts next week and I'm really looking forward to it.  More so now I have my day glo orange new lifejacket to use!


Matthew Smith said...

We have a Clas Ohlson in Kingston - they are cropping up all over the south of England as they took over the old Books Etc in Croydon. I've looked in there for various things, particularly cycle parts and accessories, and they are always more expensive than the competition. How did you find it? Or were they the only people selling lifejackets in Reading?

Emma said...

I wasn't looking for a life jacket that day because I thought there wasn't anywhere in the centre of Reading to get one. But it was what I thought was a good price and had the added bonus of not needing to make a special trip with me and someone else with me (always difficult to coordinate) so I went with it. I thought the prices for the other couple of bits I picked up were about right too though


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