Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A Fresh Start

On 22nd February 2010 I started trying to lose weight.  1st May 2010 I gave up coca-cola and all products containing chocolate.  That's when my weight loss really kick started.  September time I hit a bit of a plateau and was losing a few pounds, gaining them back.  And towards the end of November (almost 7 months later) I started eating chocolate and drinking coke again.  There have been a few days since then when I haven't eaten chocolate but not any where I've not drunk coke.

Until today.  I've gone coke and chocolate free again as of today.

My weight is up, I'm 17 stone 12.  Which given that today is the day after a weekend away of eating out each night and is the same as my weight on Thursday (my usual weigh day but I wanted to weigh today as well as it's a starting point) is pretty good.  Given that I was pretty consistently around the 17 stone 4 mark before this, not so much but I'm not beating myself up over it.  I don't see the point.

My starting weight on Feb 22nd 2010 was 18 stone 13 1/2 so I've still lost and maintained a one stone weight loss over the last year.  I don't have a set goal weight and never did.  I don't want to be thin, I want to be healthier.

It's definitely time to start moving back in the right direction though and I'm glad I'm doing it again at last.


Dan Holloway said...

There is no point at all in beating yourself up. Each day is a fresh start. Here's to a wonderfully successful 2011 - with the weight loss and the writing. They're the two things on my list for the year (starting out at 18st10) too. We have a super event at Oxford Castle next week you might find interesting - 5 debut writers from London (one of them nominated for the Costa First Book Award) are coming to read and take Q&A on how they did it in the current climate

Carl said...

Good luck with it all!

Karen said...

Good luck

Anonymous said...

Inside diet coke is something called Aspartame - When I had a fall and then gave it up - after YEARS of not knowing why my weight was going up - It started to fall. The moment I gave up hermesetas and splenda - ALL diet products (not chocolate btw i only eat a little tho) My weight returned to the EXACT number it started at! (I have lost over 7st since 2002) I hope you will give up the poison and clear your body of it's toxin also


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