Friday, 14 January 2011

This is Disability

This is a post for One Month Before Heartbreak

This is an image I made several years ago in an attempt to show that I'm so much more than just a "disabled person."  It has various small photos of me doing different things all round the ages.  Then it has words next to them describing who I am.  Including (not an exhaustive list of what's on the image) sister, passionate, graduate, procrastinator and colourful. Others of the words are things I like.  For example writing, reading, swimming and sailing.  In the middle is a big blue box which has This is Disability written on it with the ability written in all caps.  Below that it has the following quote from Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.

"It is our choices that define us, not our abilities." Albus Dumbledore.


Anonymous said...

I fully support this action against the cuts to benefits AND the general "Demonising" of disabled people in general. It is so TOTALLY unfair to paint us all with the same brush as the scroungers that do abuse the system.

Good luck to all the genuine disabled sufferers
Dave Dixon

Oya's Daughter said...

This is a great initiative and even though it's the early hours I'm very impressed at how quickly this is spreading. Made my own post on my blog as well and sending the link about.

Brib said...

Congratulations on the turn out for your great idea Emma.

Carl said...

This is great Emma!


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