Saturday, 22 January 2011

Some Writing Links

As my mum commented in an e-mail yesterday I seem to be everywhere at the moment.  A slight exaggeration but I have had some success and exposure lately.

I was asked to write for Community Care's Service User Blog about One Month Before Heartbreak as a promotional thing.  One Month Before Heartbreak: You Can Speak Up For Disabled People Too

The Guardian have been great with supporting One Month Before Heartbreak and they've mentioned us several times.  This Society Daily article pulled out several OMBH contribution to highlight including one of mine (my This is Disability image)

I'm now a contributor for Where's The Benefit?  The first piece I wrote for them is about the case of Riven and Celyn Vincent.

The even more exciting thing about that article I did for WtB is that it was picked up by Society Guardian on Friday with a big chunk of it quoted!

I think there are a couple of other opportunities "in the pipeline" if you will but those aren't definite.  I've certainly had a successful ten days or so!

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Sue Marsh said...

Heehee! Me too. And Bendy and Aliquant and I bet loads of others. That voice is becoming a shout eh?
V Exciting and well done.
Perhaps we should start a new campaign? We'll ask MPs to do a week of anything even vaguely this productive with our conditions eh? Sometimes makes me laugh, the thought of Nadine Dorries or someone trying to get to work vomiting all the way, then needing a lay down during a committee, then having to inject some chemo because Wednesdays wait for no man, then crying with pain in the HoP loos, hoping no-one will see.

Yeah right.


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