Tuesday, 18 May 2010

11 and then some

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Last week I lost half a pound and was a bit discouraged about that.  I'm not really sure why, especially as it came after a day of nice food and not really being on my diet for my sister's birthday.  I never got round to updating my blog about that, partially because I was (wrongly) disappointed about it.

In other ways, however, I'm continuing to do really good which I'm incredibly proud of.  I've not had any coke or chocolate this month (today is day 18!) and considering I was eating loads of each every single day. And had found that attempting to cut it down to one or the other or every other day and stuff like that hadn't worked it's amazing.  Plus, the only time I had pizza was when we had family dinner for my sister's birthday.  I didn't have as much as I usually would then, either.

This morning I am down another 2 and 3/4lb.  For a total weightloss since 22nd February of 11 1/4 pounds.  And which also drops my BMI from 45.6 to 43.6 (not a huge fan of BMI as such but I find the trend interesting).  I'm really, really pleased about both of those!  And especially pleased to finally be able to update the sticker on the side of my blog to the 10lb gone one :-)


Molly said...

I'm glad to hear that you're happy with the progress you're making. Well done :)

Moll x x

Chibi said...

Go, you! You're doing GREAT. :)

Traci said...

Wow, how exciting! You did great on the scale! I'm so impressed with you cutting the chocolate and soda. That's amazing. All of that sugar you are no longer consuming. I bet it wouldn't even taste good anymore. Once you get rid of all of that sugar it starts to not taste the same. Awesome job!!


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