Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Progress Report

I'm planning to get back into posting for the Healthy You Challenge every week.  I think accountability plays a big part in being successful so that's a good idea.  My mum and I are also weighing ourselves every Monday and setting goals for the coming week.  This is the second week of that.

Last weeks goal was no pizza which I managed and this weeks goal is no pizza and less chocolate.  I've had pizza tonight but that's it.  I think once a week is acceptable.  The trouble with pizza is that it's such an easy yet yummy meal for me to make and my CP does mean I struggle a bit with lots of effort meals.  Cutting down on the chocolate isn't something I've managed today but there's time.  I'm also trying to drink more as I think I've not been drinking enough lately and that could well have played a big part in my being ill last week.

I lost five and a half lb last week!

I'm really pleased.  But I'm also a realist and accept that a big part of that is probably due to having a migraine and throwing up four times on Friday and then not eating much Saturday.  I would be happy with a maintain next week as I suspect that now I've been eating properly again a little of that weight is probably back on.  Actually, I'd accept 1lb on next week but that's not the attitude to have.

I got my own scales back today! Yay!  So I can weigh with more confidence now and will do that tomorrow.  Although - and this is a major achievement - I was having a good balance day on Monday and did manage to stand completely unsupported on the scales for long enough to weigh (My mum hovered behind me and I had a wall and grab rails in front just in case).  That said I am glad, very glad, to be going back to weighing sitting down.

And finally, my mum helped me measure my waist and it was 2cm smaller than when the nurse did it a few weeks ago.  Progress!


Kate said...

Well done on doing well with the eating and the weight loss. It's hard when you have trouble doing meals because all the easy to make stuff seems to have the most calories.

Chibi said...

Wow! LOTS of great stuff: the weight loss, the measurement loss, and the good balance day! Great job. :)


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